Contemporary Fine Art. British Columbia. Canada

Short Bio.

 Jennifer Montage




Jennifer was born in Liverpool,  England.

Over the past years she has lived in many different countries, working as a Travel Agent before finally settling in British Columbia in 1980.

She received her diploma of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1992 and has been working as a full time artist ever since. She lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, British Colombia, a short ferry ride from Vancouver, here she is free to practice her art inspired by the abundant nature that surrounds her studio. She is a Mixed media artist, working with collage, oil and acrylic paints as well as photography,  her choice of subject matter is very diverse as she tends to work in both small and large series. 

"I endeavor to let my work flow freely from an instinctive place within me. The process of art is like the process of life, pretty wonderful."

Her works have been shown in Asia, North America as well as Europe.

Please see "Exhibitions" page for information on past and future shows.


Artist statement.

British Colombia on the West Coast of Canada is a kingdom of natural beauty, lush verdant forests co-exist side by side with ever expanding modern cities, as both vie for air and space. It is easy to see the encroachment of lands once reserved for nature and animals. From the city of Vancouver one can plainly see the vast deforestation of the surrounding mountains, with the disappearance of the trees, the natural habitat of birds and animals is gone, probably forever.

As we encroach upon nature's world we can expect that nature will have no other recourse than to encroach more and more on the city. 

The visual reminders of deforestation and encroachment are always present in my daily life, impacting my art making process, recycling materials in my studio is a large part of my practice.